Why enroll in a doctoral program at the University of Rijeka?

Advantages of a Doctoral Study at the University of Rijeka

Enrolling in a doctoral program at the University of Rijeka has several advantages that might interest future students. While the highly attractive cultural and geographic location of the city of Rijeka should not be overlooked, it is particularly worth emphasizing the key aspects important for studying at the postgraduate level.

First, the University of Rijeka has a strong positive academic reputation and international connections, which can give special credibility to one’s work and make it more competitive in the job market. Membership in YUFE and YERUN networks opens up exceptional opportunities for personal and academic development, at research and educational institutions throughout Europe, while being a student at the University of Rijeka.

Furthermore, with a developed research infrastructure, students are provided with more opportunities for gaining financial support and engagement in scientific projects and teaching. Given that it is young, the University of Rijeka is particularly dynamic and open to an inclusive and engaged approach to work, communication, and overall university activity. It is especially important to highlight the great potential in the possibility of involvement in the work of various university bodies and influencing the construction and development of institutional policies important for doctoral students.

Factors to consider when choosing a study program

For someone who is generally considering enrolling in a doctoral program, the most important to mention is probably a higher level of scientific-professional development, as well as the career prospects that a doctorate opens up.

Diverse contemporary interdisciplinary studies, personalized mentoring, great potential in networking and collaboration with fellow researchers and prominent experts, access to international projects, conferences and education, the possibility of teaching, and cultural enrichment in general are also some of the fundamental factors that should definitely be taken into account when deciding to enroll in a doctoral program.

It should also be kept in mind that the experience of the program that one has will depend on personal and professional goals and interests. Before deciding to enroll in a doctoral program, it would be prudent to explore the specifics of the chosen program, potential mentors, and (offered) research projects to make sure that the program meets your needs and priorities.

To make the most informed decision, gather as much information as possible about the university and its doctoral programs and consider contacting current or former students to gain insight into their experiences, which can be particularly useful. Besides that, networking with fellow students and exchanging experiences, in addition to advice, can also help you address any feeling of loneliness in facing the demands and potential problems during your studies.

Challenges of studying in doctoral programs

Also, as a chapter written by students and from a student’s perspective, for their potential colleagues, it is important to note that there are challenges and obstacles that you may encounter during your studies and dissertation writing.

A PhD is a significant commitment that often requires several years of intensive learning and research. Before making your decision, consider its potential benefits together with the challenges and demands associated with this level of education. Besides being extremely interesting, creative, and socially relevant, doctoral studies can also be demanding, both intellectually and emotionally.

Therefore, carefully consider your long-term (professional) goals, resources, and other personal life circumstances to ensure that they align with your desires and priorities. Generally speaking, before enrolling in a doctoral program, it is essential to consider several factors in order to be well prepared for the opportunities and challenges that await you.

Here are some important aspects that you should keep in mind: personal interests and motivation, program requirements, time commitment, consideration of finances and costs, potential mentors and their mentoring capacity, institutional adequacy and compliance, and career potential.

Realistic expectations and values of doctoral education

A doctorate does not guarantee a highlypaid job or a prestigious career. Being in a doctoral program doesn’t just involve conducting research; all doctoral programs are not the same in terms of structure and requirements. A doctoral study is not only for those who want an academic career, and you don’t have to be a genius or have a perfect research topic or synopsis before enrolling in the program.

When considering the decision to enroll in a doctoral program, it is desirable to have realistic expectations regarding these common misconceptions about doctoral studies. Therefore, receiving quality and timely information about all these aspects is of great importance.

But above all, you can be sure that nurturing values such as intellectual freedom, excellence, (general societal) responsibility, and participatory engagement are certainly among the most important motivations and reasons one can have for wanting to become a doctoral student at the University of Rijeka.

Tomislav Čop, M.A.

Ažurirano 23.08.2023.

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