Doctoral school

Following the guidelines of the European University Association (EUA), in May 2016, the Senate of the University of Rijeka decided to establish the Doctoral School of the University of Rijeka, thus taking institutional responsibility for doctoral studies in all scientific disciplines taught at the University.

Head of Doctoral School:
Prof. Igor Prpic, Ph.D., M.D.

Mission, vision, and objectives of the activity

The focus on internationalization and interdisciplinarity

Improving the standards of doctoral studies

Activities of the Doctoral School

Message to future doctoral students

If you are persistent, resilient, dedicated, self-confident, and not afraid of continuous years of work, struggle, conflict, effort, overload, burning out accompanied by stress, self-doubt, crises, and self-reflection because you want to be free and enter a very special consciousness - do not hesitate - enrol in a doctoral program at the University of Rijeka.

The doctoral programs of the University of Rijeka, with the support of the Doctoral School, will enable you to develop skills in developing innovative solutions, critical thinking, and solving complex problems, gain experience in working on scientific research projects, meet and collaborate with top scientists, researchers, and experts, gain greater independence, and achieve the best personal creative experience ever.

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